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Franchisee, Licensee & Partner Opportunities

Welcome to EV Rentals, Canada’s largest Electric Vehicle Rental company.

Why be a Franchisee or Licensee?

If you are looking to start your own business, use our proven system to rent electric cars.

Also similar to a Franchisee, a licensee will be operating their own business. Main difference is the cars & insurance will be provided by EV Rentals.

  • Spend less time getting started. Starting a business can be time consuming. With EV Rentals franchisor system we will help you expedite the start-up phase by providing you with a plan and helping you make crucial decisions such as site location, and promoting the grand opening. The franchisor has a vested interest in seeing your business succeed!
  • Benefit from Multi-Location brand recognition. Some of the most significant benefits of owning a franchise business are brand awareness and Multi-Location advertising power. By joining an emerging franchise that is reputable and respected, you don’t have to spend as much time educating your target market.
  • Reduce your risk as a business owner. When you make the choice to start a franchise business, you are essentially buying into a proven business model. Although there is still risk associated in starting any business, franchise organizations have a proven track record of success and offer experience, expertise, and resources that help support the growth of your business and minimize costly mistakes.
  • Ongoing business support. Many new business owners underestimate the number of issues they will face on a day-to-day basis, which is why it is helpful to be part of a franchise organization that provides guidance allowing your business to grow and prosper.

Why be a Partner?

Have your own electric car and want to put it to work? Work with one of our locations as a car provider.

  • Make money with your car. Owning an EV can be expensive, why not earn money by renting it to other EV enthusiastic people.
  • Use your car as needed. Just block off dates you want to use, and our system will only let people book when you want too, create rules like only book 48 hours in advance or minimum 2 days for a rental.
  • Low start-up costs. The only real capital needed is cost of your vehicle whether is through financing or leasing, plus your insurance costs.
  • Access to a client base. Be part of a fast growing brand with has a lot of traffic through its website, and also enjoy the free marketing provided by our team.


Right of use fee7.5%7.5%0%
License fee0%5%0%
Partner fee0%0%20%
Marketing fee2.5%2.5%0%
START-UP FEE$ 20,000$ 10,000FREE
Financing or leasingYour ownProvided by EVYour own
InsuranceYour ownProvided by EVYour own
Revenue for insuranceYour ownGoes to EVYour own
locationYour ownYour ownFranchise or license
Downpayment per car5-10%10%-15%Your own
rentYour ownYour ownFranchise or license

*Can change at any moment. Full structure to be discuss and finalize at the contract stage.

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